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Programme Guide

Eurosport Group ��������������������������������4
2012: A year like no other ���������������� 10
London 2012  �������������������������������������12

Winterports ������������������������������������� 14
Football �������������������������������������������� 16
Tennis ����������������������������������������������� 18
Cycling ����������������������������������������������20
Snooker �������������������������������������������� 22
Motorsports �������������������������������������24
Team sports ������������������������������������� 26
Entertainment ��������������������������������� 28
Action sports �����������������������������������30
Fight sports �������������������������������������� 32
Eurosport: 2012 Highlights  �������������34

Eurosport 2: 2012 Highlights ����������� 36


As Europe’s leading sports
multimedia platform, we are
committed to providing engaging
content across all media devices.
Our TV channels, websites and
mobile apps offer a window onto
an exciting world of sport, bringing
all the news, action and emotion to
millions of fans every day.
With over 20 years of innovation,
creativity and experience Eurosport
is today a reference for sports fans
in Europe, and beyond.

All Sports. All Emotions.

Eurosport is the group’s flagship channel, broadcasting
to 59  countries in 20  languages and 128  million homes.
Home to the biggest sporting brands in the world such as
Grand Slam tennis opens, the Tour de France and Le Mans
24 Hours, Eurosport is Europe’s leading sports channel.
Each year Eurosport airs up to 3,000  hours of LIVE
sports programming as well as original magazine shows
dedicated to football, tennis, athletics, swimming,
motorsports, wintersports and much more.



Eurosport’s renowned top class commentary and star
ambassadors, its editorial creativity and expertise, and
its innovative production technology all contribute to the
channel’s status as a sports reference in Europe.
Eurosport HD is the simulcast of the Eurosport channel
in high definition. Launched in 2008 it now reaches
over 17 million homes in 43 countries and 20 languages,
offering 2,500 hours of native HD programming.

hours LIVE

More Live,
More Action, More Emotion

One of Europe’s fastest growing TV channels,
Eurosport  2  reaches over 57  million homes and is
broadcast in 18  languages in 47  countries. Eurosport  2
features a top line‑up of premium LIVE events, team and
action sports and an array of sports entertainment.
Offering an exhaustive line-up, Eurosport and Eurosport 2
share coverage of major events significantly increasing
their reach. The combination of LIVE sports action,



up to the-minute news and original magazines makes
Eurosport 2 an innovator in the sports broadcast universe.
Launched in August 2009, Eurosport 2 HD is available in
23 countries. More than just a simulcast of Eurosport 2,
Eurosport 2 HD also features original premium properties
such as Bundesliga.

hours LIVE


Bringing the best of Europe’s
sport to Asia-Pacific
Available in 17  countries across the region, Eurosport
Asia‑Pacific brings Eurosport’s expertise to its audiences
with extensive coverage of top European sporting events.
The channel broadcasts a   total of 60  disciplines, such
as WTA tennis, Tour de France, IAAF Diamond League,
WTCC, Le Mans 24  Hours, Rugby French Top  14 and
Eurocup Basketball.
In September 2011 Eurosport launched Eurosport
Asia‑Pacific HD, the first time the group has launched
an HD service outside of Europe.

Sports News Anytime, Anyplace
Capitalising on Eurosport’s international network of
journalists, Eurosportnews is the 24/7 channel for the
latest sports news from around the globe.


The channel reaches 9  million homes and is available in
3  languages. Worldwide distribution includes Europe,
Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle-East.

World-Class Sports Event

Eurosport Events is the events management division of
the Eurosport Group.
Today Eurosport Events manages several prestigious
motorsport series, including the FIA World Touring Car
Championship (WTCC) and the Intercontinental Rally
Challenge (IRC).
In equestrianism, Eurosport Events manages the Global
Champions Tour, the Gucci Masters and the Saut Hermès




event in Paris. Other events managed include Rugby
Sevens European Championships as well as the Ultra‑Trail
Eurosport Events deals with many aspects of events
management. These can range from TV production
to media rights distribution (via Eurosport Group’s
own media and sublicensing), as well as the sale of the
marketing rights and international communications.

Producing over


hours of TV programmes


Europe’s N°1 online sports
Throughout its 23-year history, innovation has been a
major driving force for Eurosport. At the forefront of the
digital revolution Eurosport.com is today the 3rd largest
online sport brand worldwide, with up to 22 million
monthly unique visitors.
Built around three pillars – live, opinion, multimedia –
Eurosport.com has something for everyone on its network
of 15 sites in 11 languages, including 4 Yahoo! co-branded

sites in Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. Our fans have
access to fast, accurate and customisable online sports
news content including results, scores, blogs, videos,
interviews, chat and all the breaking news.
Eurosport.com is also available through free mobile apps
for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, which have
been downloaded over 5 million times since 2009.

Up to

Up to

monthly unique
visitors - worldwide

monthly unique
visitors - Europe



The site is available in :
English - German - Italian - Spanish - French - Swedish - Russian - Chinese - Polish - Turkish - Arabic


All Eurosport
Live & on demand

Eurosport’s dedicated web TV service, Eurosport Player
provides LIVE and multi‑feed streaming of Eurosport’s
TV channels to your PC or mobile via the Player app.

Tennis Grand Slams, Bundesliga Football, Superbike,
Snooker World Championships, FIS World Cups and many

Available on PC in 59 countries and 20 languages,
Eurosport Player offers catch‑up and on demand access
to Eurosport’s channels and provides an invaluable
complementary service. Player brings viewers additional
bonus feeds from the greatest competitions, such as

The Eurosport Player mobile app for iPad and iPhone is
available on subscription in the UK & Ireland, Germany,
Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland and Italy.

Eurosport on Social Media
Share the action! Eurosport goes Social!
As of January Facebook and Twitter reached more than
500,000  fans. Eurosport is not only the best way to
watch your favorite sport, but also the best place to
talk about it. Every day Eurosport engages thousands of
people from all over the world on our Facebook pages and
benefit from the expertise of our Twitter profiles.

Like http://www.facebook.com/Eurosport

Follow us https://twitter.com/#!/Eurosport

Eurosport and Eurosport 2 are home to the biggest sporting brands in the
world, whether it is Le Mans 24 Hours or the Bundesliga, Grand Slam Tennis
or the Tour de France. In 2012, over and above this regular offering of top
annual events, we will bring coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations, UEFA
EURO 2012 and, of course, the big one – the London 2012 Olympic Games.
A scheduling line-up this good does not happen by chance. Week in week
out, year in year out we form partnerships with the federations, work
closely with rights holders and build strong relationships with distributors,
in order to bring our fans the best action from wintersports, athletics or
snooker or any of the 120 sports on both channels.
And in 2012 we will bring the best action live – a massive 5,000 hours on
Eurosport and Eurosport 2 – because nothing can arouse the emotions
quite like a live event. Joy, Anger, Empathy, Encouragement, Surprise
and Anguish  – these powerful emotions are the cornerstones of our TV
identity, and why Eurosport is the destination of All Sports. All Emotions.
This special year requires players and athletes like no other, and you will
find an abundance of them on both sides of the camera. For every Usain
Bolt, Roger Federer or Messi on one side you will find a Maurice Greene,
Mats Wilander or Rafa Benitez on the other, working as Eurosport experts
or star ambassadors.
2012 is a year like no other for a media group like no other. Eurosport
will continue to stand out with innovation: both technical with 3D and
connected TV or mobile apps and editorial with our constant search for
new sporting events like Women’s Champions League Football or Bigger’s
Better boxing nights.
Together on our TV channels, our websites and our mobile apps, let’s enjoy
sport like never before in 2012.

Julien Bergeaud,
Director of Broadcasting and Programmes, Eurosport Group





Eurosport has broadcast every Summer and Winter Olympic Games from Albertville 1992 to Vancouver
2010. For London 2012, Eurosport is again Official Olympic Broadcaster and will bring unrivalled
coverage of Olympic sports, with 500 hours dedicated to the build-up to London 2012 and 400 hours
during the Games.

On the Road to London 2012
The greatest championships
Eurosport covers and promotes the major Olympic
sports all year round.
After blockbusters such as the Athletics and
Swimming World Championships in 2011 the build-up
to London 2012 includes the Athletics World Indoor
Championships in March and April’s Weightlifting
European Championships and Cycling World Track
In May the build-up continues with the Swimming,
Championships and in June with the Rowing World Cup
and Athletics European Championships.

Together to London

Photo Finish

This 15-minute magazine talks to
Olympic legends about their
achievements and medal predictions as well as their tips
on how to enjoy London during the  Olympics (where to
watch the Games, where to eat, etc.).

Photo Finish meets the athletics
stars and uncovers the secrets
to their performances, finding
out how they gain each millisecond, each centimeter, to
be first at the photo finish.

•  roadcast once a month from January to June.

•  roadcast once a month from January to June.

What is it about the Olympic
Games that inspires athletes?
Olympic Dreams, a 15-minute
magazine show, meets past or present athletes, relives
Olympic triumphs and looks ahead to London 2012.
• Broadcast once a month from January to June.


Eurosport journalist Jeremy Buxton brings
a close-up view of Olympic sports in 2012,
trying them out and meeting athletes and coaches.
Jez immerses himself in the sports, discovering their
character and culture along the way.
•  ix 30-minute shows broadcast weekly from mid-May
to the beginning of July.

London 2012 Olympic Games
27 July - 12 August 


London 2012 is the 12 th consecutive Olympic Games on Eurosport. With such
experience Eurosport is your one-stop destination for the very best Olympic
action: 13 hours of LIVE action per day, on‑site magazine shows, 24/7 HD
broadcast, and the greatest pundits, with legends such as Maurice Greene and
Pieter van den Hoogenband.


Breakfast News
A series of 30-minute
programmes featuring a review
from the previous day and a
preview of the coming day with
the main stakes and favourites.


LIVE action

From the first event of the day
to the last, Eurosport is LIVE
non‑stop. All the main Olympic
sports will be covered, with all the
heats and finals of the swimming
and athletics broadcast LIVE.

to London
Together to London is a
from Eurosport’s on-site studio.
The show’s host will welcome
the main protagonists of the day
as well as Eurosport’s experts to
review the day’s key moments.

Together to London
Eurosport’s on-site show


Time-shifted coverage


Best of the Day
Another chance to see the
greatest events of the day


The greatest
Maurice Greene and Pieter van den
Hoogenband deliver their unrivalled
Sydney 2000 Olympic Champions
and former world record holders
(100m and 100m freestyle) will give
their analysis during the athletics
and swimming sessions and will
interview the greatest champions
LIVE from the mixed zone.


WINTER 1,600
ho u rs

Year after year Eurosport confirms its status as the ultimate Wintersports Destination.
The 2011-2012 season is no exception with LIVE coverage of 12 wintersports disciplines.

2011-2012 season key figures
9 wintersports on Eurosport and Eurosport 2
Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Luge, Nordic Combined Skiing, Figure Skating, Ski Jumping, Speed

3 wintersports on Eurosport 2 only
Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Freestyle Skiing

Eurosport channels will show all the best events, including:
• 8 World Cups
• 7 World Championships
• 3 European Championships
• Winter Dew Tour
• 1,600 hours of TV broadcast
All this and more on Eurosport Player which includes 8 wintersports online bonus channels, so fans won’t miss a second
of the LIVE action from each FIS World Cup event.


Alpine Skiing

Freestyle Skiing

• World Cup: all rounds
22 Oct - 18 Mar
˭˭ 210 hours

• World Cup: all rounds
11 Dec - 18 Mar
˭˭ 70 hours



• World Cup: all rounds
30 Nov - 18 Mar

• World Cup: all rounds
26 Nov - 26 Feb

• World Championships
in Rupholding, Germany 
29 Feb - 11 Mar 2012

• World Championships
in Altenberg, Germany 
11-12 Feb 2012
˭˭ 40 hours

• European Championships
in Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia 
26 Jan - 4 Feb 2012
˭˭ 200 hours

Cross-Country Skiing
• World Cup: all rounds, including the
Tour de Ski, 19 Nov - 20 Mar
˭˭ 180 hours

• European Championships
in Moscow, Russia
2-10 Dec 2011
• World Women’s Championships in
Lethbridge, Canada, 17-25 Mar 2012
• World Men’s Championships
in Basel, Switzerland
31 Mar - 8 Apr 2012
˭˭ 100 hours

Extreme Sports
• Winter Dew Tour: All three events of
the snowboarding and freestyle skiing
world-class tour 
17-18 Dec, 21-22 Jan, 11-12 Feb
˭˭ 15 hours

Figure Skating
• European Championships
in Sheffield, Great Britain 
23-29 Jan 2012
• World Championships in Nice, France
26 Mar - 1 Apr 2012

Ice Hockey
• Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland
26-31 Dec 2011
• U-20 World Championships in Canada
26 Dec - 4 Jan 2012
˭˭ 30 hours

Nordic Combined
• World Cup: all rounds
25 Nov - 10 Mar
˭˭ 50 hours


All rounds in 8 sports


2-10: Curling ECH*
17-18: DEW Tour stage 1
26-31: Ice Hockey Spengler Cup
26-4: Ice Hockey U-20 WCH**
28-6 Jan: Ski Jumping 4 Hills Tournament


21-22: DEW Tour stage 2
23-29:  igure Skating ECH*
26-4 feb: Biathlon ECH*


11-12: DEW Tour stage 3
11-12: Luge WCH**
23-26: Ski Flying WCH**
29-11 Mar: Biathlon WCH**


17-25:  urling Women’s WCH**
26-1 Apr:  igure Skating WCH**
31-8 Apr:  urling Men’s WCH**
*ECH: European Championships
**WHC: World Championships

Ski Jumping
• Summer Grand Prix: all rounds
16 July - 3 Oct 2011
• Men’s World Cup: all rounds,
including the Four Hills Tournament
26 Nov - 18 Mar
• World Ski Flying Championships
in Vikersund, Norway 
23-26 Feb 2012
˭˭ 450 hours

• World Cup: all rounds
13 Oct - 16 Mar
˭˭ 100 hours

Speed Skating
• Coverage of some
of the World Championships

• all ISU Grand Prix, including the final
22 Oct - 11 Dec 2011
˭˭ 250 hours


Eurosport and Eurosport 2 feature the best football has to offer this year with top international
competitions, European club action and women’s football.



On the road to the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine,
Eurosport will cover from March to May friendly matches
featuring the 16 participating teams.

World-class football set to an exotic background,
the  Africa Cup of Nations features the finest African
talent playing in the European Leagues.

Fans won’t miss a minute of the tournament itself,
with Eurosport and Eurosport 2 showing time-shifted
broadcasts of all 31 matches.

Eurosport has broadcast every Africa Cup of Nations
LIVE since 1994. The 28 th edition in Equatorial Guinea
and Gabon will be no different: all 32 matches are
LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. In addition,
a  daily 15-minute show will be broadcast during
the competition.

8 June - 1 July

21 January - 12 February

On site teams will bring the latest news, reports and
interviews. To top it all, Arsène Wenger will lead a line-up
of pan-European expert pundits during a 30-minute daily
show at 20:00 CET.
* Rights to be confirmed


On Mondays, 17:30 - 18:30 CET
Eurogoals, the longest-running show on Eurosport, celebrated
its 20th anniversary in style with the launch of a new format for
the 2011-2012 season.
Broadcast every Monday at 17:30 CET, Eurogoals brings fans
in one hour the best European club football from the UEFA
Champions league, National leagues and UEFA Europa League.
Join our experts Rafael Benitez and Arsène Wenger for this
must-see show.



August 2011 - May 2012
August 2012 - May 2013
Eurosport 2 extensively covers the German league in 23 territories across
Europe: five matches LIVE per match day every week, several shows as well
as on site analysis from expert Steffen Freund, double Bundesliga winner with
Dortmund and 1996 EURO winner with the Mannschaft.

Calendar 2012
Jan - Mar: AFC Asian qualifiers*
Jan - May: Bundesliga season
Jan - May: French League 1**
Jan - May: Eurogoals season
Jan - May: Futsal Spanish League
Feb - May: Friendly matches for EURO
Feb - Nov: J‑League*
Feb - Nov 2013:  014 FIFA World Cup
March - May:  EFA Women’s Champions
Aug - May 2013: Bundesliga season
Sept - May 2013: Eurogoals season
Sept - Nov: Asian Champions League*
Sept - Dec: Futsal Spanish League
* Rights to be confirmed
** Broadcast in Germany, Austria and Luxemburg only


21-12 Feb : Africa Cup of Nations
31-11 Feb: UEFA Futsal ECH*


8-11: Futsal Spanish Cup


UEFA Women’s Champions League
September 2011 - May 2012

Eurosport has been a faithful partner of women’s football for many years,
successfully broadcasting the greatest events of this sport with the FIFA
Women’s World Cup and the UEFA Women’s EURO. Eurosport continues to
innovate this season with the LIVE coverage of the UEFA Women’s League
from the first round in September 2011 to the final on 17 May 2012. Some of the
qualifiers of the EURO 2013 will also be LIVE on air in 2012.

UEFA Futsal Cup


4-16: UEFA U-17 ECH*
7:  EFA Women’s Champions League


1-10: Festival Espoirs de Toulon
8-1 July: UEFA EURO 2012 ***
26-29: UEFA U- 17 Women’s ECH*


2-14: UEFA U-19 ECH*
2-14: UEFA U-19 Women’s ECH*


18-9 Sept: FIFA U-20 Women’s WC**


22-13 Oct: FIFA U-17 Women’s WC**


2-18: FIFA Futsal World Cup
* ECH = European Championships
** WC= World Cup
*** Rights to be confirmed



ho u rs

Top players, big stages, epic battles, Eurosport and Eurosport 2 bring top live action of the Grand Slams,
the WTA and a selection of ATP tournaments, as well as behind‑the‑scenes insight with our expert
Mats Wilander travelling the world in his Game Set and Mats and Mats Point shows.

Grand Slam Tournaments
•  he Australian Open, Melbourne
16-29 January
•  he French Open, Paris
27 May - 10 June
•  he US Open, New York
27 August - 9 September
Live coverage of the Grand Slams is extensive on Eurosport and Eurosport 2 in 2012. With feed access to up to six courts,
each channel offers viewers over 10 hours LIVE per day during each tournament, mostly simultaneously, giving fans the
choice to select the match they want.

Selection of ATP tournaments
Eurosport and Eurosport  2’s selection of ATP tournaments features the world’s best players. Two weeks before the
Australian Open, the season begins with a bang as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal light up the courts of Doha. In June,
tournaments at the Queen’s Club in London and at Eastbourne will allow the champions to fine‑tune their grass court
game before Wimbledon.



2012 Calendar

Eurosport and Eurosport 2 covers extensively all 21 WTA premier tournaments
as well as season’s ending WTA Championships in Istanbul on 23‑28 October,
providing an unmatched offering of LIVE women’s tennis.


2-7: WTA Brisbane, Australia
3-8: ATP Doha, Qatar
8-13: WTA Sydney, Australia
16-29: Australian Open


6-12: WTA Paris, France
13-18: WTA Doha, Qatar
20-26: WTA Dubai, UAE


8-18: WTA Indian Wells, USA
22-31: WTA Miami, USA


2-8: WTA Charleston, USA
23-29: WTA Stuttgart, Germany


7-13: WTA Madrid, Spain
14-20: WTA Rome, Italy
21-26: WTA Brussels, Belgium
27-10 June: French Open


6-12: ATP London (Queen’s), UK
18-23: ATP and WTA Eastbourne, UK


9-15: WTA Stanford, USA
16-22: WTA Carlsbad, USA


6-12: WTA Montreal, Canada
13-19: WTA Cincinnati, USA
20-25: WTA New Haven, USA
27-9 sept: US Open


24-30: WTA Tokyo, Japan


1-7: WTA Beijing, China
15-21: WTA Moscow, Russia
23-28: WTA Championships Istanbul

Game Set and Mats
& Mats Point
Former world number 1 and 7-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander
continues his collaboration with Eurosport in 2012. He will bring fans his
expert views in Game Set and Mats, a special on‑site show broadcast during
the Grand Slams and Mats Point, a series of programmes where Mats meets
the greatest players throughout the year during the biggest ATP and WTA




Crazy about Cycling? Then Eurosport and Eurosport 2 are the channels for you. No other channel can boast
such depth and variety in their Live coverage with over 300 hours dedicated to the three major Tours,
the greatest classics and the track and road World Championships.

Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta
• Tour de France, 30 June - 22 July
Eurosport covers every inch of every hard‑fought stage of the greatest race in cycling calendar. With 80 hours of LIVE
action enhanced by on‑site reports and analysis the Tour de France is definitely the premier cycling event on Eurosport.

•  iro d’Italia, 5-27 May
All stages LIVE

•  uelta a España, 18 August - 9 September
All stages LIVE


The great classics and stage races

Calendar 2012

The greatest classics with Milan‑San‑Remo, Paris‑Roubaix, Liège‑BastogneLiège and Tour of Flanders, the best stage races with Criterium du Dauphiné,
Tirreno Adriatico and Paris-Nice, fans have unrivalled choice amongst a list of
over 20 events broadcast in 2012.


5-10: Tour of Qatar
14-19: Tour of Oman


4-11: Paris-Nice
7-13: Tirreno-Adriatico
17: Milan-San-Remo
26-27: Criterium International


1: Tour of Flanders
4-8: UCI World Track Championships
8: Paris-Roubaix
15: Amstel Gold Race
18: Flèche Wallonne
22: Liège-Bastogne-Liège
TBA: Tour of Turkey*


5-27: Giro d’Italia
13-20: Tour of California


3-10: Critérium du Dauphiné
30-22 july: Tour de France


10-16: Tour of Poland*

The two World Championships
On the road, champions ride for their teams. When time comes for the world
championships, they ride for their countries.


6-12: Eneco Tour
18-9 sept: Vuelta a España
19:  attenfall Cyclassics Hamburg*


• UCI World Track Championships in Melbourne, Australia
4-8 April

7: Grand Prix in Quebec*
9: Grand Prix in Montreal*
15-23: UCI World Road Championships
29: Giro di Lombardia

• UCI World Road Championships in Limburg, Netherlands
15-23 September


7: Paris-Tours
* Rights to be confirmed




Eurosport covers Snooker like no other broadcaster. The new five-year offer for seasons 2011‑2012
to 2015‑2016 goes even further, doubling Eurosport and Eurosport 2’s snooker programming to
19 tournaments per season. The sport’s biggest tournaments are LIVE, including the World Championships
and all the other world ranking events.

The World Championships in Sheffield
21 April - 7 Mai 2012

Get close to the suspense and revel in the tactical sparring, the tense finales and the wonder shots as the world’s top
players pit their wits against each other in Sheffield at the renowned Crucible Theatre.
The World Championships, first held in 1927, is the oldest and most prestigious and lucrative tournament in snooker.
John Higgins captured the 2011 trophy and won £250,000 out of an overall prize money of £1,111,000. In 2012 all matches
of the 17 days tournaments will be LIVE on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. Fans won’t miss a minute thanks to complementary
coverage on both channels.


Other top tournaments
The UK Championship in York
3-11 December 2011
The Masters in London
15-22 January 2012
The Welsh Open in Newport
13-19 February 2012
In addition to the World Championships, the UK Championship, Masters and
Welsh Open are the three other main highlights of Eurosport’s 19 tournaments
season. Coverage is extensive with LIVE broadcast of the two tables on
Eurosport and Eurosport 2.


6-10: Wuxi Classic, China
11-17: World Cup, Thailand
18-24:  ustralian Goldfields Open


25-28: PTC Europe, Germany


5-11: Shanghai Masters, China
15-18: Brazilian Masters
30-2 oct: PTC Europe, Poland


21-23: PTC Europe, Ireland


11-13: PTC Europe, Belgium


3-11: UK Championship
17-19: PTC Europe, UK


6-8: PTC Europe, Germany
15-22: The Masters, UK


1-5: German Masters
13-19: Welsh Open
27-3 Mar: Hainan World Open, China


14-18: PTC Final
26-1 apr: China Open


21- 7 May: World Championship UK
PTC: Player Tour Championship

19 tournaments
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2
Calendar not yet available


motor 650


From the gruelling Dakar rally to the glory of Le Mans, Eurosport and Eurosport 2’s motorsports coverage
promises to get pulses racing from the off. FIA WTCC and Superbike World Championships are just some
of the thrilling motorsports series to follow LIVE all season long.

Le Mans 24 Hours
16-17 June

The Le Mans 24 Hour Race is this year’s
highlight. After the LIVE broadcast
of the qualifying on Wednesday 13
and Thursday 14 June, Eurosport and
Eurosport 2 will cover every minute
of the legendary event on 16-17 June -
morning to night.
LIVE action will be enhanced the whole
week by special show Le Mans  24
Minutes broadcast every evening from
Eurosport’s on-site studio.

Dakar Rally
1-16 January

Eurosport starts 2012 in top gear
with coverage of the world’s greatest
rally raid, the Dakar, a 9000km race
amongst the amazing landscapes of
Argentina, Chile and Peru.
The  33rd  edition of this human and
sporting adventure will be covered
each evening at 23:00 on Eurosport
in a show featuring the highlights
of the  day and a focus on Polish Ski
Jumping Star Adam Malysz competing
in the Dakar for the first time.
New this year: Eurosport will cover
LIVE some key stage finishes.



11 March - 18 November
The FIA World Touring Car Championships is one of the most spectacular and
fastest growing motorsport series. Produced by Eurosport Events the FIA
WTCC is a “made-for-TV” competition with overtaking, reversed grid, bumper
to bumper action and crashes. Eurosport and Eurosport 2 will broadcast LIVE all
24 races of the 2012 season.

Other Series
Intercontinental Rally
• All rounds on Eurosport and
Eurosport 2, including some 
of them

FIA World Endurance
• All rounds, including Le Mans
24 hours, on Eurosport and
Eurosport 2

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup
• All rounds
and delayed
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2

GP 3
• All rounds
and delayed
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2

World Series by Renault*
• All rounds
and delayed
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2

World Superbike Championship
26 February - 7 October

The spectacular Superbike championship and its nail-biting races will be
extensively covered on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. All events will be LIVE, from
the opening round in Philip Island to the finale in Magny-Cours.

Auto GP
• All rounds
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2

World Supersport
• All rounds
on Eurosport and Eurosport 2

Superstock Championships
• All rounds
on Eurosport 2

British Superbike
• All rounds
and delayed
on Eurosport 2

Speedway GP and Speedway
World Cup
• Highlights from all rounds 
on Eurosport 2

Motorsports Weekend
• 15-minute Sunday evening show
on Eurosport
* Rights to be confirmed


TEAM 600

Eurosport 2 has always put team sports at the core of its programming. In addition to its football offer,
described in detail on pages 16-17, Eurosport 2’s team sports offer in 2012 is as varied as it is strong with
UEFA Futsal EURO, Basketball Eurocup and Handball Champions League.

31 January - 11 February

Futsal (five-a-side indoor football) is
all about speed and entertainment.
The  2012 UEFA Futsal EURO held in
Croatia gathers the best 12 European
teams including leading nations Spain,
Italy, Portugal and Russia.
All matches will be LIVE on Eurosport 2
and Eurosport. Spain are the current
title-holders and have won the
tournament a record 4 times.

Handball EHF Men’s
Champions league
October 2011 - May 2012
October 2012 - May 2013

The men’s league gathers the best
players and clubs in Europe including
stars such as Nikola Karabatic, Ivano
Balic and Thierry Omeyer. Eurosport 2
will broadcast in prime time, on
Sundays, one match per match day.
The Handball coverage in 2012 will
also include a special daily show on
the 2012 EURO, held from 15 to 29
January in Serbia. The Handball EURO
2012 show will be broadcast every
evening at 23:00 CET, showing the
competition highlights of the day,
previews, interviews and exclusive
content produced by Eurosport 2’s
on-site crew.


Basketball Eurocup
November 2011 - April 2012
November 2012 - April 2013

Eurosport 2 broadcasts two matches LIVE per match day plus all matches
of the Eurocup Finals in April. Every Friday, the Euroleague Basketball Show
features 30 minutes of the best Euroleague and Eurocup action.

Other Sports
• Champions League T20
• ICC World Cup T20**
in Sri Lanka, 18 Sept - 7 Oct

Australian Football
• 1 match
Mar - Sept

per match day

American sports
• NCAA Big Ten Conference
and delayed Aug - Dec
• NCAA Notre Dame University
home games
Aug - Dec
• Arena Football League*
Mar - Aug

• Men’s Italian League***
Oct 2011 - Apr 2012

Field Hockey
• Euroleague
Oct 2011 - May 2012
• Women’s Champions Trophy
28 Jan - 5 Feb
• Men’s Champions Trophy
1-9 Dec
• Olympic qualif tournaments
Feb - May

Ice hockey
• Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland,
26-31 Dec 2011
• U-20 World Championships
in Canada, 26 Dec - 4 Jan 2012
* Rights to be confirmed
** Except in the UK
*** Except in Italy




Sport is a show, and 2012 will be exactly that on Eurosport and Eurosport 2. From Monday’s Clash Time
zone featuring the best of World Wrestling Entertainment to Thursday’s Go Crazy slot including arm
wrestling, bowling and FMX series, entertainment sits in pride of place on our channels. All this and
more in the weekly WATTS, Eurosport’s famous compilation of the funniest and craziest moments
in the world of sport.

Clash Time
WWE® - World Wrestling Entertainement
On Mondays, 21:00 - 22:30 CET

WWE® is back in 2012 for a fourth season in Eurosport’s prime-time entertainment slot Clash Time, with two programmes:
• 21:00 - 21:30: This Week on World Wrestling Entertainment
Brawn, beauty and bruises. Don’t miss the world’s best action entertainment with the weekly highlights of WWE’s
Smackdown® and RAW®.
• 21:30 - 22:30: Vintage Collection
Eurosport opens up 20 years worth of archives to the fans, with Vintage Collection, a one-hour programme looking at
the sport’s greatest matches and champions, including stars such as Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and
Bret “The Hitman” Hart.


Go Crazy

On Thursdays, 20:00 - 23:00 CET
Go Crazy is Eurosport 2’s evening entertainment slot on Thursdays. Go Crazy features several series including:

Arm Wrestling

Red Bull series*

Armwrestling requires a blend of expert timing, tactics
and determination and has today become an engrossing
spectator sport. Every Thursday, enjoy 30 minute
highlights from Worldwide Armwrestling contests,
including the Arm Wars Super Series (the world’s best
league), the Professional Armwrestling League and the
National Armwrestling League.

The Red Bull series FMX X-Fighters, Cliff Diving and
Crashed Ice are particularly spectacular and exciting
to watch.

Bowling is another pillar of the Go Crazy slot. The offer
includes the major professional tour for ten-pin bowling,
the PBA Tour, held in the USA.

Other series
• Sepaktakraw: World Championships and World series
• Table Soccer: World Championships and World Cup
• Tractor Pulling: European Championships
•  trongest Man: Champions League, Super Series Grand
Prix and Giants Live series
• Timbersports series
* Rights to be confirmed


On Mondays evening
Launched in 2001, WATTS is one of the most popular
programmes on Eurosport. In 2012 it will continue
its  compilation of the funniest, craziest and most
remarkable moments in the world of sports with a selected
original soundtrack. Whether it is Tennis, Football,
Extreme Sports, Skiing or Cycling, in every sport there are
moments of hilarity and intense emotion - WATTS brings
them all together with great success.
•  roadcast: 15 minutes every Monday, 1-hour best of once
a month on Tuesday.




With exclusive LIVE coverage in Europe of the Winter and Summer Dew Tours, which include stars such
as Shaun White, Eurosport 2 is the right place for action sports. The line‑up is completed by the Intimate
Surfing series in summer and the FIS Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing World Cups during the winter.

Summer Action Sports
Summer Dew Tour
The Dew Tour is the world’s premier season-long action sports tour. The summer tour consists of four major multi-sport
events from July to October in the USA. It features five disciplines in Skateboarding (park and vert) and BMX (park, vert
and dirt) and $2.5 million prize money. More than 150 of the world’s top action sports athletes will return for the Summer
Dew Tour’s eighth season in 2012. Eurosport 2 has brought top coverage of the Tour since 2007 and will broadcast all
4 rounds LIVE and exclusively in Europe on Saturday and Sunday.

Intimate Surfing
Intimate Surfing is the new series launching on
Eurosport 2 this coming summer. The biggest stars of
the ASP Women’s World Tour will be appearing in the
most prestigious events of the season.
Intimate Surfing will go backstage, giving fans an inside
view of how women’s surfing is evolving, and meeting
the main protagonists and the greatest champions,
such as Stephanie Gilmore. The four 26-minute
programmes of this behind-the-scenes series will be
broadcast from June to September.

Winter Action Sports
Winter Dew Tour
The Winter Dew Tour, launched in December 2008, includes three stops and six disciplines in snowboarding (men and
women superpipe and slopestyle) and freeskiing (men’s superpipe and slopestyle). Eurosport 2 covers all three rounds
LIVE in Breckenridge (17-18 Dec 2011), Killington (21-22 Jan 2012) and Snowbasin (11-12 February 2012). Eurosport 2 is
exclusive in Europe and will also broadcast the 2012-2013 season.

FIS World Cup
All rounds of the FIS World Cup are LIVE or delayed on
Eurosport 2 from 15 October 2011 to 17 March 2012.

Freestyle Skiing
FIS World Cup
All rounds of the FIS World Cup are LIVE or delayed on
Eurosport 2 from 10 December 2011 to 18 March 2012.


Eurosport and Eurosport 2 are full of fighting spirit in 2012, with action from boxing and kick-boxing on
Eurosport and mixed martial arts on Eurosport 2. Also on the card this year is Fight Club, the show which
examines the full range of fighting disciplines.

BOXING Bigger’s Better series
Running from February to December 2012 the second season of Bigger’s Better takes boxing to a new level of
entertainment. The series includes 8 tournaments and features a never-before-seen format in boxing.
In the course of an evening each tournament features eight heavyweight professional boxers from eight different
nationalities competing in a unique three-round match tournament and battling it out in a simple knock-out format
(quarter-finals, semi-finals, final) with the winner taking up to $15,000 in prize money.
Bigger’s Better fights are particularly intense and spectacular as boxers look for that crucial KO to take them through to
the next round without sapping their energy. There are no weight categories in Bigger’s Better, meaning fighters from
between 82kg (minimum weight) and 130kg could be pitted against each other. Is bigger always better? Tune in and find
out in 2012!
The eventual winner of each tournament goes through to the season climax: Bigger’s Better King in December 2012.


Super Kombat
Super Kombat is a new generation
worldwide kickboxing circuit with
fighters from a range of different
series, such as K-1, UFC or Local
Kombat, pitched together in an
intense battle. Eurosport will
broadcast 6 prime time evenings
LIVE in 2012.

MMA Strikeforce
Eurosport 2 is a firm favourite for
mixed martial arts fans with one of
the most spectacular and entertaining
the  USA. In 2012 Eurosport 2 will
broadcast in 23  countries legendary
fights from past seasons every Friday
evening, and a series of LIVE bouts
from Las Vegas on Sundays.

The regular rendez-vous
On Thursdays: Fight Club show
On Fridays: Strikeforce - Main Events
On Sundays: Strikeforce - Main Events
and Challengers

Bigger’s Better series
24 February: tournament 1
13 April: tournament 2
25 May: tournament 3
6 July: tournament 4
August: tournament 5
September: tournament 6
October: tournament 7
November: tournament 8
December: Bigger’s Better King

Fight Club

On Thursday evenings
Launched in 2004, the Fight Club is an action-packed show broadcast on
Thursdays in prime time and promoting the finest Martial Arts tournaments
from around the world, looking also at the culture surrounding the sport.




Rally: Dakar

Wintersports: All World Cups 

1-16 January

Tennis: Australian Open 

Tennis: WTA Doha & Dubai 

14-18 & 21-26 February

16-29 January

Football: Africa Cup of Nations 

Snooker: Welsh Open 

21 January - 12 February

14-19 February



Cycling: Giro 

Football: UEFA Euro 2012* 

5-27 May

8 June - 1 July

Swimming: European Championships 

Motorsports: 24 Hours of Le Mans 

18-27 May

16-17 June

Tennis: French Open 

Athletics: European Championships 

27 May - 10 June

27 June - 1 July



Tennis: US Open 

Football: FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 

27 August - 9 September

22 September - 13 October

Football: FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 

Tennis: WTA Championships 

18 August - 9 September

23-28 October

Cycling: World Road Championships 

Motorsports: Season Final 

15-19 September

* Rights to be confirmed

2012 on eurosport

Updated schedules available on tv.eurosport.com



Biathlon: World Championships 

Cycling: World Track Championships 

1-11 March

4-8 April

Cycling: Paris-Nice & Milan-San Remo 

Cycling: Spring Classics 

4-11 & 17 March

Including Paris Roubaix 8 April

Athletics: World Indoor Championships 

Snooker: World Championships 

9-11 March

21 April - 7 May



Cycling: Tour de France 

London 2012 Olympic Games 

30 June - 22 July

25 July - 12 August

Football: UEFA European U-19 Championships 
2-14 July

Cycling: Vuelta 
18 August - 9 September

Athletics: World Youth Championships 
12-15 July

Wintersports: Season Start  


Boxing: Bigger’s Better 

All World Cups

Football: 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 

The Final

Christmas week
24-30 December

Ski Jumping: Four Hills Tournament 

27 December 2012 - 4 January 2013



Tennis: ATP Doha 

Futsal: European Championships 

2-7 January

31 January - 11 February

Tennis: Australian Open 

Action Sports: Winter DEW Tour 

16-29 January

11-12 February

Alpine Skiing: World Cup in Kitzbühel 

Tennis: WTA Doha 

18-22 January


13-17 February


Tennis: WTA Rome 

Tennis: ATP London (Queen’s) 

14-20 May

6-12 June

Football: Toulon International U-23 Festival 

Football: UEFA EURO 2012* 

23 May - 1 June

8 June - 1 July

Handball: EHF Men’s Champions League

Motorsports: 24 Hours of Le Mans 

26-27 May Final Four

16-17 June



Tennis: US Open  

Handball: EHF Men’s Champions League

27 August - 9 September

Cricket: Twenty20 World Cup** 

Season start

Action Sports: Summer DEW Tour 

18 September - 7 October


** except in the UK

Australian Football League* 

Final series

* Rights to be confirmed

2012 on eurosport 2

Updated schedules available on tv.eurosport.com



Cycling: Tirreno - Adriatico 

Basketball: Eurocup Finals 

7-13 March

Snowboarding: World Cup finals 

Volleyball: Italian League** 

Playoffs Men

14-18 March

** except in Italy

Basketball: Eurocup quarter-finals 

British Superbike: Season Start 

14 & 21 March

7-8 April



Action Sports: Dew Tour 

Football: UEFA European U-19 Championships 
2-14 July

Cycling: Tour of Poland* 

10-16 July

Cycling: ENECO Tour 

6-12 August

Tennis: WTA Toronto  

6-12 August

Football: Bundesliga**  

Season launch 24 August
**in 23 European territories.



Basketball: Eurocup 

Action Sports: Winter DEW Tour 

Season launch

Season start

Futsal: World Cup 

2-18 November

Football: 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers  
14 November

Snowboarding: World Cup 
Ice Hockey: Spengler Cup* 
26-31 December


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